Researchers working on COVID-19 test kits at the State Lab of Hygiene (Photo by John Maniaci)

COVID-19 Impact

How UW–Madison is supporting public health and the people of Wisconsin.

“This pandemic is an immediate crisis and threat to well-being. We want to deploy the strategies used in the past in the lab and apply them to this real-world challenge.”

Richard Davidson, Director and Founder of the Center for Healthy Minds


On Demand How to talk about vaccines (and find common ground) Fearless Science Speaker Series

This webinar on how to talk with others about vaccines is available on video and as a transcript. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are available, but some people are on the fence about getting their shot. Approaching a conversation with vaccine hesitant friends and family may be challenging.

This March 31, 2021 event, part of the Morgridge Institute's Fearless Science Speaker Series, highlights:
• Why some people are concerned about COVID-19 vaccines
• How you can approach vaccine conversations
• Why empathy can help your discussions

On Demand Dr. Nasia Safdar on the Omicron Variant UW Now Livestream

As the prevalence of the omicron variant of the coronavirus increases throughout the world, everyone is waiting to find out how this new development will impact the pandemic. How contagious is the omicron variant? Do our current vaccines and treatments work against it? How does the severity of illness from the omicron variant differ from the severity of illness from the alpha or delta variants? What new treatments are on the horizon — and how might they change the game?

Nasia Safdar, professor and medical director of infection control at UW Hospital and Clinics, discusses what we know so far, in this UW Now livestream recorded on December 21, 2021.