Researchers working on COVID-19 test kits at the State Lab of Hygiene (Photo by John Maniaci)

COVID-19 Impact

How UW–Madison is supporting public health and the people of Wisconsin.

“This pandemic is an immediate crisis and threat to well-being. We want to deploy the strategies used in the past in the lab and apply them to this real-world challenge.”

Richard Davidson, Director and Founder of the Center for Healthy Minds


If You Missed It COVID-19 Series How to talk about vaccines (and find common ground)

Watch this on-demand virtual conversation from March 31st, 2021 to learn how to talk with others about vaccines. Multiple COVID-19 vaccines are available, but some people are on the fence about getting their shot. Approaching a conversation with vaccine hesitant friends and family may be challenging.

The webinar highlights:
Why some people are concerned about COVID-19 vaccines
How you can approach vaccine conversations
Why empathy can help your discussions

If You Missed It July 27: The Delta Variant UW Now Livestream

While parts of the country are beginning to emerge from the pandemic, cases of COVID-19 are rising again in other areas. One of the key drivers of this uptick has been the delta variant. What makes this variant different from others? To what extent do existing COVID-19 vaccines protect against it? Should vaccinated individuals keep wearing masks or get a booster shot? What are the chances of other variants emerging? Three UW–Madison experts address these questions:

David O’Connor, PhD’01 — UW Medical Foundation (UWMF) Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Jeff Pothof, MD’06 — associate professor of clinical health sciences and chief quality officer at UW Health
Ajay Sethi, MHS, PhD — associate professor of population health sciences and faculty director for the Master of Public Health program at UW–Madison